PYONNIERS' mission is to improve the performance of R&D and provide a clear picture of Economic Analysis and distribute efficient Simulation Software to companies. 


This is how we help to create additional value.

At PYONNIER we are strongly inspired by green energy and to drive cleantech innovations to your markets.

Jérôme Gosset, Ph. D.

Jérôme Gosset, Ph. D.

Founder and CEO

Enthusiastic about creating value in cleantech markets by unlocking the full potential of R&D.

A seasoned R&D manager with 20+ years experience of industrial and academic applied research, whose passion for fighting climate change and driving technological innovation in Cleantech is matched only by his dedication to improving people and profits alike.


Jérôme is a founding member of several sustainable energy and CleanTech companies.

Judo brought Jérôme a sense of life-long skills development and commitment to excellence.

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