Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the cleanest and most efficient fuel available.


Hydrogen is very versatile. It can produce energy, electricity, and combine chemically with most elements.

Hydrogen can be produced from renewable energy, making it a fuel with very low GHG emissions.

Under significant R&D programs in many countries over the last 30 years, major technological advances have made high-performance, reliable and increasingly economically viable hydrogen solutions available.

Hydrogen is, therefore, the ideal vector for a renewable, circular and environmentally friendly energy economy.

Who is concerned?

The use of clean hydrogen is in vigorous development.


Each company needs to analyze how its business model will be affected, how hydrogen can open up new opportunities, and possibly test these solutions and develop new offers integrating hydrogen.


  • Opportunity analysis of Hydrogen value for your business

  • Technology consulting – modelling and engineering

  • Hydrogen project development

  • Business Development in Hydrogen markets

Need to support your teams exploring new sustainable options with clean hydrogen expertise?



PYONNIER is proud to bring you its technological, economic and business development expertise in hydrogen.


This expertise is built on numerous R&D projects, demonstration projects such as the Myrtle platform, various economic studies, strategic planning and business development for these emerging hydrogen solutions.


Everyone! From individuals to companies in all economic sectors.


Clean hydrogen and its use as an energy carrier have been the subject of numerous demonstrations worldwide.

These demonstrators have helped to identify economic sectors and applications for which clean hydrogen will become a must in the coming years:

Renewable energy storage



Energy management in buildings and local networks


Sustainable mobility, especially heavy mobility


Synthetic fuels CO2 re-use

The production of essential chemical molecules such as ammonia