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PYONNIER is Transvalor's Americas Distributor in Canada


World leader in simulation of the material forming process.

We provide the expertise of advanced simulation for industrial applications to implement and use high-performance software and simulation to accelerate the completion of projects.


This enables you to create digital twins/digitalization of your manufacturing processes.


  • Save money by troubleshooting production issues with Transvalor simulation software.

  • Develop products from idea to production to market

  • Improve the lifetime and performance of dies and production tools.

High-performance simulations based on robust parallel computation, are critical to understand production challenges better and make faster & better decisions. Used early in the design process, simulation speeds up the development time by enabling you to “get it right the first time.” 





TRANSVALOR has developed an extensive suite of high-performance simulation software that addresses a wide range and variety of forming processes, for metallic solid and liquid materials as well as for polymers:


Simulation helps detect manufacturing defects   

FORGE®, hot forming process simulation software helps eliminate trial and error to produce compliant and feasible parts. Forming processes such as closed die forging, extrusion, circular rolling, cross rolling, etc. can be addressed. 


FORGE® is a reliable solution to reduce production costs and non-quality costs by ensuring that components meet specifications and avoiding production machine downtime: 

  • Forge® calculates material and mold contacts and helps in anticipating underfilled areas and quantifying  underfilled volumes easily. 

  • The point tracking feature makes it easy to see when folds occur in a part. FORGE®'s automatic remeshing provides accuracy on the location, size and depth of folds. 

  • FORGE®'s under-skin marking feature helps detect suction defects 

  • FORGE®'s marking feature allows to calculate the evolution of the grain flow and to judge its quality throughout the deformation range. 

  • Several damage criteria available in FORGE® allow to predict cracks (Lemaitre 1, 2, 3, 4, 5., Oyane, Rice & Tracey, Latham & Cockroft, Brozzo, Hill-Devaux, Ghosh, Ayada). The area of origin of a creek can be found using FORGE®. The size, depth and propagation of the crack can also be modeled. 

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PYONNIER: Transvalor Americas's Distributor in Canada