By developing plant-based materials, we contribute simultaneously to valorizing natural resources, reducing GHG emissions, and building local and circular value-chains

Bioplastics at the centre of a triple challenge

  • Climate change: Bioplastics make it possible to avoid using oil to produce materials. Moreover, once created, these materials store CO2 taken from the atmosphere by plants. A double benefit!

  • The circularity of materials and regional loops: Based on renewable raw materials and distributed worldwide, bio-sourced plastics allow local value chains to emerge, eliminating long-distance transport, relocating jobs, and valorizing local resources that may be residual.

  • Solutions to emerge: Through the mobilization of R&D skills and resources and the mobilization of the players in the sector



Our Vision

Replace the linear and global fossil value chain of traditional plastics with local, circular and bio-sourced value chains through the production of polymerizable FDCA in PEF.

Our Priorities


To develop a high-performance process for the production of FDCA from sugars.


Bringing partners together to build new circular value chains


Implement an industrial scale pilot and demonstrate the use of ACDF in use cases

Our technology enables the production of plastics without any fossil resources.

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about us


Jérôme Gosset, Ph. D.

Founder and CEO

Enthusiastic about creating value in clean-tech markets by unlocking the full potential of R&D.

A seasoned R&D manager with 20+ years experience of industrial and academic applied research, whose passion for fighting climate change and driving technological innovation in Clean-tech is matched only by his dedication to improving people and profits alike.


Jérôme is a founding member of several sustainable energy and CleanTech companies.

Judo brought Jérôme a sense of life-long skills development and commitment to excellence.

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